5 ways to cater to the health of your employees


Health is Wealth. This is one of the first saying that I guess all of us came across right from our Kindergarten days. However, in our 30’s we actually realize the importance of this.

In our ever hectic routines and doing 9-9 shifts, we hardly have time to even think about health, our eating habits, exercise and so on. Well actually speaking we start thinking about it when any of our vital parameters like Cholesterol or sugar show anomaly. However, as it says take precaution before it hits you, everyone needs to follow it. This thinking holds true for each one of us and also moreso for the employee too. Well, who wants to miss out on a productive employee to his health?

Employees world over have started making rigorous changes in the ergonomics and culture of their office to accentuate the productivity of their employees. Let’s just ponder over.

Providing Healthy food: Making sure that healthy food is served in office cafeteria is a great step towards providing a healthy life. Further making Cold-pressed Home Juice available at the office tea room would endow the employee with beneficial nutrients and dietary fiber which is definitely required to detoxify the body and provide a healthy body. This is a perfect step towards a healthy life for the employee.

Counselling to quit smoking: Smoking truly kills. Conducting counseling for quiting smoking in offices on this is the best thing to undertake. Educating employee on its ill effects, the related complications, infections and the respiratory problems that it can cause should be highlighted.

A further step in this regard could be adopting a Tobacco free workplace policy and advocating benefits of a smokefree lifestyle and the positives attached to it.

Profess walking: Guide your employee with the benefits of walking and encourage them to walk or bike ride to office.You can also emphasize them to use the stairs atleast once or twice in the day rather than using the elevator every time. Also guide them how walking is the simplest exercise by which you can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke etc.

Regular health check up: Getting regular check up in office can be a great move towards employee care. This will make them feel more wanted and also an analysis of the same will put the employer also on guard from some underlying problem in ofiice, in case there is any.

Help in controlling stress: The management with HR department should plan on conducting some regular meditation and yoga classes so that the employee reduce their stress, improve interpersonal skills and are better able to balance their work and personal life.