Five must have car accessories

Cars are one of the most priced possessions just next to the house. People go to great lengths to make their cars the best and most comfortable for them. Loaded with different gadgets it is actually your home away from home on the road and you want your car to be your haven fulfilling all your requirements. These days there are some very amazing accessories which make your driving experience an amazing one. Here are few to incorporate in your car for sure:

  • Multiple charging ports: With the advent of smartphones and the time when everyone wants to stay connected. Not just being connected music plays a big role too. Our smart phones are our calculators; our digital log books our games, stopwatch, our internet connectivity etc. We need them all with us all the time. Thus the most imperative thing with the lifestyle of today is that we require chargers with multiple USB ports so that a couple of our devices can be charged at the same time.
  • Roof rack: Everyone feels their car is big enough and it can take as much load as they want. However when you plan a long journey, you realize you are squeezing everything in the car and taking the inside space of the car. This is where, an overhead car rack works best. Westcott Towbars & Roof Racks  will customise your aluminium Tradesman Rack to your specification and specialize in designing external rack fit outs to maximise efficiency and address Occupational Safety.You simply tie everything on the top of car in an iron frame and this act as an awesome storage enhancement car accessory.
  • The mat: Mats are one of the most ignored and compromised accessory of the car. Especially if you have purchased a second hand car, then it will definitely need your attention. Generally vinyl ones are used as they are cheap and thus the worst buy. They have a slippery texture so more often they cause the pedal to slip and give a feel of you losing the grip. On the contrary floor car mats  with rubbery texture are the best with the raised edges. To further enhance their service regular drying of mats when they are wet gives them longer life.
  • Repair and Maintenance Tools: Every car must have a repair tools  in the car. Emergency does not tell and come and can catch you anywhere. Thus you need to have repair tools to assist you to sort out the problem before help comes in. It could be a flat tire or radiator leak. You thus must have a car jack etc. Also to be on the safer side, always carry your car’s instruction manual.
  • First Aid Kit: A first aid kit is also a must in every car. The kit should include adhesive bandages, gauze pads, gauze roll, elastic bandages, cotton balls, thermometer, scissor, safety pins, fever and pain medicines, anti nausea tablets, antiseptic solution and ointment.

Three reasons that your business needs Dynamics AX

Every business is important, be it big or small. Everything requires the same attention and the same seriousness needs to be given. To assure success of a business all the different aspects of the business need to be intertwined with each other. This can best be achieved through an ERP system, which off late most companies are incorporating where it integrates the different organization systems and helps hassle free transactions and facilitates production at every stage. There are different ERP systems
which can be incorporated as per ones business requirement suiting them. One such very efficient and professional ERP system is Dynamics AX working very effectively for the businesses of today. Here are a few fundamental points which make one realize how and why Dynamics AX is imperative for a business:

Provides a scalable solution for the long term supporting your business

UXC Microsoft Dynamics AX  is very flexible and adaptable solution which helps the business to grow and support it for a long term. The best thing about the system is that it can be plugged in or configured with other systems so that you can enhance its functionality. Thus you can tweak it as per your specific needs to enhance your system. For instance , it can be integerated with other Microsoft solutions, such as Office, Visual Studio, SQL Server & Business Intelligence, SharePoint, MS Active Directory and MS Exchange. Not just this, It can also be integrated with third-party systems, mobile applications and other different devices. In fact the best aspect is it can be placed with an I cloud system and expand its functioning over a wider area of operation.

Operations can be carried out in multiple regions

MS Dynamics AX can function in multiple regions as it supports multiple languages and also as per the l legal requirements for 36 countries in its single application. Thus now any office at a given place can incorporate the solution including the subsidiaries in many different countries at that very instance. Thus supports intercompany trading scenarios too and higher chances of closing newer and more projects

Entire business data can be brought in a single platform

All your companies’ business processes can be brought on the same single platform through the MS Dynamics AX. With this you get to inform every department of the change or newe developments happening at the same time. With one upgradation everyone will be informed of the changes. Thus the bottom line is that with this one ERP solution you can manage all your business processes, analyse data and of course better too. Also data and all reporting will be available in one place .

So if more scalability, better communication, accountability and more productivity is required in your business then Dynamics AX is the next thing you need incase you don’t already have.

Does your business require help with commercial agreements?

We are not alone in this world and we have to interact with people around us. At some stage or the other we have to and cannot lead a lonesome life. It could be your job, a purchase of any kind or anything else. But here in order to avoid any kind of difference of opinion at any stage, it is best to bind people in some written obligation so that nobody feels let down or no harm happens more so monetary. Especially if you are into business then commercial agreement between people involved in business is utmost essential.Steinepreis Paganin Corporate Lawyers offers clients specialised and comprehensive advice on a range of corporate, mining and resources and commercial matters.

The legal agreement

Agreements of a commercial nature carry the opposite presumption to social agreements i.e the people do not have a social binding and are binded with a legal agreement. This agreement could be in terms of working , operations ,management and most importantly sharing the financial aspects specially profits.

Gone are the times when more or less things used to work with Trust and agreements used to work with a simple handshake. A good business attorney will provide vital assistance in almost every aspect of your business, from basic zoning compliance and copyright and trademark advice to formal business incorporation and lawsuits and liability. Now is the time when everything in the business is documented and you need to make sure reasonable steps are followed. In line to this a good and well-drafted contract should spell out the parties’ obligations under their agreement so that misunderstandings and disagreements, and the business lawsuits they generate, could be avoided.

No Agreement situation

However in case of absence of a document detailing each parties obligations, we find parties disagreeing on simple and essential terms of the company like pricing, quality, and deadlines. The more you actually discuss, the more the versions come out. Thus the best solution to all these misunderstandings is to put everything down in writing. Also, there will be no room for any kind of innocent memory lapses too. Whatever is discussed at the time of the deal should be put down on paper.

Scenario of Contracts

Contracts are one the most widely used commercial agreements the world over. Be it procuring raw material for production or hiring human resource everything comes through the contract. Few aspects of the contract:

  • It should be as clear and concise as possible: A vague and ambiguous contract will actually end up being discussed in a lawsuit without reaching a formal end. The interpretation will be based on every individual persons understanding and there will be no fruitful conclusion towards it in court too.
  •  Consult an attorney: There is no harm to keep an attorney by your side  when it comes to Contracts for the purchasing or leasing of commercial real estate, manufacturing and distribution agreements, master service agreements, licensing agreements, and other types of commercial agreements which you feel its best let a person having knowledge in law handle rather than a naïve. The way it is best said “Let the experts handle it.”

5 ways to cater to the health of your employees

Health is Wealth. This is one of the first saying that I guess all of us came across right from our Kindergarten days. However, in our 30’s we actually realize the importance of this.

In our ever hectic routines and doing 9-9 shifts, we hardly have time to even think about health, our eating habits, exercise and so on. Well actually speaking we start thinking about it when any of our vital parameters like Cholesterol or sugar show anomaly. However, as it says take precaution before it hits you, everyone needs to follow it. This thinking holds true for each one of us and also moreso for the employee too. Well, who wants to miss out on a productive employee to his health?

Employees world over have started making rigorous changes in the ergonomics and culture of their office to accentuate the productivity of their employees. Let’s just ponder over.

Providing Healthy food: Making sure that healthy food is served in office cafeteria is a great step towards providing a healthy life. Further making Cold-pressed Home Juice available at the office tea room would endow the employee with beneficial nutrients and dietary fiber which is definitely required to detoxify the body and provide a healthy body. This is a perfect step towards a healthy life for the employee.

Counselling to quit smoking: Smoking truly kills. Conducting counseling for quiting smoking in offices on this is the best thing to undertake. Educating employee on its ill effects, the related complications, infections and the respiratory problems that it can cause should be highlighted.

A further step in this regard could be adopting a Tobacco free workplace policy and advocating benefits of a smokefree lifestyle and the positives attached to it.

Profess walking: Guide your employee with the benefits of walking and encourage them to walk or bike ride to office.You can also emphasize them to use the stairs atleast once or twice in the day rather than using the elevator every time. Also guide them how walking is the simplest exercise by which you can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke etc.

Regular health check up: Getting regular check up in office can be a great move towards employee care. This will make them feel more wanted and also an analysis of the same will put the employer also on guard from some underlying problem in ofiice, in case there is any.

Help in controlling stress: The management with HR department should plan on conducting some regular meditation and yoga classes so that the employee reduce their stress, improve interpersonal skills and are better able to balance their work and personal life.